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Book Review: The Christmas Door, by Penny Macoun

I've long been a bit of a Christmas Grinch myself, but occasionally a book or a song can reawaken that childhood excitement and get the bells jingling in my head again. Penny Macoun's latest title, The Christmas Door, is one such creation.

Written in loose, rollicking rhyme, The Christmas Door recounts the mysterious arrival of some very special animals and their bearded boss, as they prepare to set off on their very important annual mission. It's an incredibly enjoyable read, but most importantly The Christmas Door reminds us that Christmas giving is not all about material gifts - that hugs and smiles are every bit as valuable.

The story is given extra sparkle by Paul Nash's energetic and dynamic illustrations, which perfectly complement the writing style and add their own layers of warmth, cuteness and humour.

The Christmas Door is an excellent stocking-stuffer for the festive end of the year. You can get hold of your own copy here.

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