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Book review: Belly Button Fluff, by Dave Atze

It’s always exciting when any kind of artist reveals an unseen talent. For me, it was particularly thrilling to learn that Dave Atze, the illustrator of the Max Booth series, had branched into writing with his first picture book as both author and illustrator. It’s called Belly Button Fluff, and unsurprisingly, it’s an absolute cracker.

Belly Button Fluff is a rhyming romp about a girl, Scarlett, who is inspired by the fluff in her dad’s belly button to collect fluff from every available belly button and put it to some very creative uses. But when fluff supplies begin to run short, what will Scarlett do?

Having enjoyed Dave’s energetic and hilarious illustrations in the Nursery Crimes series, as well as several standalone picture books and of course the Max Booth series, it was no surprise to find that Belly Button Fluff is packed with action and belly laughs. Dave’s storytelling and word craft are every bit as clever and vivid as his visual imagination, and kids of all ages, especially 6–10 year olds – are really going to love his first book as an author-illustrator.

Available now for pre-order at Booktopia.

Belly Button Fluff

Big Sky Publishing

ISBN 978 1 9226 1513 8

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